This is something that is debated all the time by entrepreneurs.

One side says, Entrepreneurs don't need to work hard because they look for leverage.

The other side says, you need hardwork to achieve anything.

Really, there IS a space for hardwork in your business, but if you use hardwork right and apply it in the right area.. you can build leverage to achieve success!

Have an amazing day!


There are WARS going on in the internet network marketing space.

They are wars for your attention, for your trust, for your money.  

Everyone is trying to tell you that their way of marketing a network marketing business online is the only way. Their tool is the only tool. Their strategy is the only strategy.

The sponsors tell you to just talk to friends and family because they know that it's the fastest way for them to get money out of your work (even if it's massively uncomfortable). The attraction marketers tell you to brand yourself before you've even had success. The gurus tell you that only their latest products can get you success.....

Every message is different, how on earth do you create a solid internet marketing strategy for your network marketing business?

I'll be honest here. I have a strategy, and I have a system... but that does not mean it's the only system or even that it's the right system for you to market your business and hit your goals.

The most important thing you can do for your business is learn how to cut through the noise. You need to be able to distinguish the lessons from the manipulations.  You need to be able to decide what information fits you and your business, and learn how to strip the rest away.

It starts knowing that there is no one right way to do online network marketing.  There are many. Any what works for you will be dependent on who you are.  What your circumstances and skills are.

In this video I share with you how I chose the system I chose, and the messages that I had to learn to ignore.  I show you what went into my decision making process.

The System I Use for Internet Network Marketing

You might follow the same path, or you might pick something else to help you grow your business.  But the most important thing is that you decide what's important to you, so that you can distinguish what you need from a strategy, and what elements are going to bring you success.

Enjoy the video (I enjoyed making it... even the silly bits). And map out your path to internet network marketing success!

Niamh Arthur

The System I Use

How to Start a Home Business RIGHT

Success is all about your expectations.

What are you expecting from your business?

What are you expecting from yourself?

Watch the above video to learn how to set yourself up for success at the start by having three things in place.


You can hit "restart" in your business at any time!

It's just a matter of deciding what you are willing to do and change to create change!

Now go out and get your dream!


Standing with You For Your Dream!


This speech was delivered to a packed room of Entrepreneurs in Charlotte, NC in June 2014.

Remember, Popping can happen any time, and anywhere.  You just need to allow it to happen!

Much love,

Niamh :)

Learn More About This Change.

Your dreams really ARE what you deserve.

You deserve to create success and achieve GREATNESS... not to be another statistic!

Love you all... that's why I do this! :)


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