Have you ever questioned your own sanity??
Maybe you should!

I question my beliefs, my conclusions and my opinions all the time.

If I discover ones that are holding me back, or creating problems, or causing weird behaviours I examine them and get to work uprooting them.

Everything starts with a question.

Does this serve me? Does this serve my purpose in the world?

Here's a common one that doesn't serve ANYONE, and yet runs rampant in our goal driven and social society:

If someone doesn't like something about me or something I created, it means they don't like me.

I've been guilty of this one for sure. (actually I was today... hence deciding to write this!)

But think about it. Say you order a piece of pie, and it's just not to your taste. You might say, "wow that's a bad piece of pie."

But if I were to ask you, "And what do you think of the cook as a person??"

Your answer would have to be.. "I don't know."

Because the quality of the food doesn't tell you a darn thing about them. The two are unrelated.

Yet most people make criticism personal.

"If they don't like my pie it means they don't like me."

Some of the greatest pain in life comes from the weird meanings we attach to the random happenings around us.

And this is all a product of the beliefs, opinions, and values that we CHOOSE to carry around with us.

If you want happiness, success, ANYTHING...

Question your sanity.

All. The. Time.

Because what you think is "sane" might be the crazy ideas that are holding you back!

Yep! Definitely still having my crazy moments!

And learning all the time!

Niamh :)


P.S. When was the last time YOU questioned your sanity???

This simple perspective helped me so much in life.

First it helped me appreciate where I was, and that I had chosen where I was.

Then it helped me make decisions that aligned with where I wanted to be! Results followed!

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Let me know in the comments below, what do YOU value and what value do you want to take on?



It took me six years to become comfortable with the idea of "being myself" online.

I struggled with negative thoughts, "who is going to want to here from me", "I'm not even interesting at all", and "I don't know much about anything to share."

I also struggled with the idea of coming up with content, not being good enough... and worrying that I would need to become just like the successful bloggers I saw.

And it never worked!

(And in that crazy mindset mess... is it any wonder).

Once I realized WHY being yourself is important and what it actually means... blogging became easier and I found success fast! (the answer is outlined in the video above!)

Discover the System we use to create money from our blog... Click Here.

What is or was your biggest fear around blogging or making money online?

Share in the comments!


Standing for YOUR Dreams,

Niamh (and Mike!)

Summer is awesome... and in Ireland.... summer is doubly awesome ;)

You might have noticed that the Stay at Home Family have been travelling, sunning themselves, having visitors, and generally enjoying the best time of year to be in Ireland.

Truly we knew our country home would come into its own during Summer time... but it's exceeded all expectations!

SO... we've been kinda quiet online (I haven't switched on the laptop in over a week).

In a business like ours there are times to RUN and times to recharge.

BUT... September and onward are THE best times of the year to build an online business, so it's time to get back into momentum creating energy and growth.

To do that... we're taking on a challenge and we'd love YOU to join us!

Here is the 40 minute call where we introduced the Challenge:


After listening come back here and let us know that YOU are going to take on the challenge.

It's one of the easiest ways to get into momentum and start seeing massive results and growth in your business and your life!


Challenge Rules:

1. Listen to an Inner Circle Audio daily

2. Create a piece of content (video, blog, email, status update) based on or inspired by the inner circle call (you can teach stuff from it, or just share stories that relate to the topic).

3. Commit to bringing at least 5 people to our webinar training event, more details for this will be coming out in the next few days. (Hint: If you have trouble getting people to make a decision, these will be invaluable).

That's it!

Simple right?

But SO SO SO powerful (listen to the call and you'll get why!)

Let us know you are committing to the challenge below! :)


Niamh and Mike :)

When was the last time you took this phrase to heart and actually DID IT!

Here's your chance.

Click here to see what we are doing.

Standing WITH YOU For Your Dreams,

Niamh :)

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