I use this technique every single day to shift my feelings, be more productive, and create more in my life.

The biggest problem most personal development types have is that they don't actually know how they feel. They go around with underlying negative emotions while trying to just think positive.

Never a formula for success.

The exercise in the video above will help you to identify your negative emotions based on physical cues, and flip switch out of them.

NOTE: this takes practice... not a lot, but enough to make it easy to catch the underlying feelings... set a reminder in your phone to practice this for the first few days until it becomes natural.

Use this technique in combination with a good internet marketing system and you truly have the formula for the Dream Life!

Standing for YOUR Dreams,

Niamh, Mike and The Stay at Home Family

Last night on Rebel TV the boys talked about their pants! (oh, and some other stuff too!)

What they talk about at 11.43 is probably one of the most clear (lol) metaphors I've ever heard, and really changed the way I think about what I'm putting in my head.

Life is truly all about being a rebel... going for what you want... and feeling ALIVE while you do it!

Standing for YOUR Dreams,

Niamh, Mike and The Stay at Home Family

Yes! Intentions Really Do Work.

Our story started with a scared girl, not sure that she deserved to even HAVE dreams.

And it has unfolded and blossomed over the last couple years, but the MOST exciting time was when we first broke through. And we had the forsight to capture the moments in the above video.


After watching, click below to be introduced to the System we used to make our dreams happen (and still use as our ONLY online system):

Standing for YOUR Dreams,

Niamh, Mike and The Stay at Home Family :)

I had NO CLUE how liberating it was to practice this kind of freedom...

And like pandora's box, once you open it... you cannot put it back.

The freedom starts to leak into all kinds of areas in your life. And things start to shift. The unexpected and unbelievable starts to happen... and it's like you are orchestrating the world!

Exciting stuff.

It starts with driving the "wrong" way home, or reading incorrectly, or deciding that you can get out of the box!

For me, it all started with Financial freedom!

Click here to learn about our team:

Go find some Freedom from Conformity today! And let me know how it goes!


Niamh :)


Big Welcome to Our New Rebels:

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Let's go out and make this the most exciting week ever!

Love you guys!

Niamh :)


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