When was the last time you took this phrase to heart and actually DID IT!

Here's your chance.

Click here to see what we are doing.

Standing WITH YOU For Your Dreams,

Niamh :)

I lay it all out in the above video...

Why people get stuck at the start...

How to leverage your wins so you can EXPLODE out after you breakthrough...

And what to do if you haven't yet HAD your breakthrough.

Ready to get my personal help in your breakthrough?

1. Watch the above video so you understand exactly what it will take.

2. Get your ticket to Charlotte (NOW, they are nearly sold out!)

If for any reason you aren't IN yet... join here.

3. Message me on Facebook to setup your FIRST One on One Training Session.




Urgent Company Founder Message

I’m making this special post as an open invitation to leaders in the home business profession.

Please watch this video – it’s 31 minutes, and you need to see the entire thing.  I talk about the honest problems in our profession, and how we’re going to fix them at our event this month in Charlotte.

Please see our FULL EARNINGS DISCLOSURE HERE before watching the video.

I believe everything I say in the video will happen.  Since October 31st, 2011 – we’ve created 13 millionaires, 23 people who have earned over $500,000.  143 who have now earned $100,000 or more.  All online.  Now, we’re taking our message to the mass market in a way that – trust me, you want to be a part of.  This video explains everything – we don’t have a lot of time:


Let’s get ready to rock.

-David Wood

Come back here at 3pm EST to watch us LIVE as we show you:

-How to Make Decisions Based on External Forces (that actually HELP your life)

-Using the Power of Others to Make a Shift

-3 Cool Ways to Become More Powerful via Other People

These kind of decisions make the FASTEST changes in your life!

See you on the Inside!

Niamh :)

This is what has been going on for me in the last two weeks:

I was sick, I didn't upload a video, send an email, and hardly did a single blog post for TWO weeks!

Aaaaall, because something inside was slowly shifting.

And like magic (and I believe in magic!) suddenly just the day after I sat ontop of a hillside overlooking some magestic Irish landscape...

Everything became clear.

And one day later, there were some announcements made in our business, that COMPLETELY aligned with the decision we'd already made!

So SORRY we've been out of touch, but this kind of shift was WORTH waiting for!

We want YOU to be one of the TEN people we take on a very special journey this month (seriously we've never done anything with this much impact).

Watch to discover what we are doing:

Eeeeeek! This is the first time we've even shared this announcement outside the team!

And join here to be part of it!

Standing for YOUR Dreams,

Niamh and Mike!

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